Personal Guide - Treating Pornography Addiction

Personal Guide - Treating Pornography Addiction
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The Essential Tools for Recovery
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Treating Pornography Addiction (3CD’s) package is available for download. These three CD’s are the first three hours of educational information that Dr. Skinner has prepared for his client’s and others seeking help. The first two hours discuss how to develop a plan and prepare to succeed. In the last hour, Dr. Skinner discusses powerful relapse prevention strategies. These three hours are like sitting down with Dr. Skinner in a therapy session. He originally recorded them for his client’s so that they could review what he had covered in their therapy sessions. Now they are available to everyone who wants to get started in the recovery process.

You will want to listen to these CD’s over and over so that you can remember all of the information that is available. It is best to take notes of what you learn. The content has helped hundreds of individuals in their battle with pornography.

Get started in your recovery today!

*After purchase these MP3s will be downloadable as a single 208 Mb file.