Trauma Inventory for Partners of Sexual Addicts


Hello from Dr.’s Kevin B. Skinner, Shondell Knowlton, and Jill C. Manning

The following inventory has been created to help assess the potential challenges and possible trauma that individuals experience upon the discovery of their partner’s sexual behaviors. This assessment has 45 questions and will take you about 10-12 minutes to complete. Your answers will be confidential and will be used for research purposes to help us understand how to best help individuals dealing with their partner’s behaviors.

Here are some of the benefits you have in taking this test:

  • You will learn some of the common responses we see in our professional work.
  • You will discover that you are not alone in what you are feeling.
  • You will be able to identify the key areas with which you need help.
  • You will receive feedback in six specific areas based upon your responses.
  • You will help us understand what you are going through which will help us be able to help others.
  • You can take these results to a professional therapist and he/she will have a quick understanding of what you are feeling by reviewing your answers.
  • Finally, we offer feedback so that you have an idea of things you can do to help yourself.

We thank you in advance for taking this test. We realize that your time is valuable. We also understand that if you are like many of our clients, you are hurting. We hope that as you take this test you will gain a better understanding that what you are experiencing is normal. We hope our ideas and suggestions will give you ideas that can help you in the healing process.

May God Bless You
Dr.’s Skinner, Knowlton, and Manning

* We will be asking for your name, email, and basic information for research purposes. We will not give out your email address—we do not like spam.