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When looking for a good sex addiction treatment center it is a good idea to ask questions about the centers approach to treating sexual addiction . Many clinics treat sexual addiction with the same approach they would substance abuse or chemical dependency. In truth statistics show that over 80% of sexual addicts have other addictions as well.

However, when looking for a good treatment center you may want to ask the following questions to make sure the center focuses on sexual addiction and not just substance or chemical dependency.

Here are some questions you should ask when looking for a good sex addiction treatment program:

  1. Does the center focus on sexual addiction and have trained staff who have experience in working with sexual addiction ?
  2. How much time is spent in group work?
  3. How big are the groups? Are there groups available for couples?
  4. Are 12-step meetings available while in treatment?
  5. How much therapy time focuses on sexual addiction ?
  6. Are the substance dependent groups and sexual addiction groups combined?
  7. What training or background does the staff have in relationship to treating a sexual addiction ?
  8. How does the center incorporate families and others into the treatment plan? How much one on one and couple treatment is available?
  9. How much education is involved in the program. Education about sexual addiction if very helpful. It is critical to learn how the addiction forms and what can be done about the addiction .
  10. Are groups available for spouses or partners?

Focus of Sexual Addiction Treatment

As with any addiction , the first step is to stop the addictive behavior. This requires a significant amount of support (12-step groups, family, social support) and one on one therapy. In severe cases sexual addiction is only able to be curtailed in a structed environment such as an in-patient facility. Once the acting out behavior has been stopped, the next step is to increase the awareness inside the individual and work to support the entire system (family).

The second step is to gain awareness into self and the addiction itself. Treatment providers use education to help the sexual addict undertand how sex has become an addiction in the mind. Personal insight into the problem is another key compenent of the second step. With increased awareness comes emotional pain and discomfort. Most sex addicts have lost something that they genuinely value such as a spouse, their job, the respect of their child, or something else. This awareness can be very painful and often requires a good support system to avoid relapsing into old behaviors while in pain.

Treatment Centers

Here is a list of three of very good sex addiction treatment centers in the United States.

1. Sexual Recovery Institute

The Sexual Recovery Institute is headed by Robert Weiss LCSW, CAS. Mr. Weiss spent four years training under the direction of Patrick Carnes, Ph.D. (the leading researcher on sexual addiction ), providing inpatient clinical services for the treatment of sexual addicts and sexual offenders.

Many services are available for sex addicts and their partners. The Sexual Recovery Institute offers the following services:

  • Individual treatment
  • Group treatment
  • Couples treatment
  • Partners and spouses treatment
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Phone and online treatment

When looking for help with sexual addiction , it is always a good idea to work with the professionals who specialize. That is why I have ranked the Sexual Recovery Institute in the top five.

2. The Meadows

The Meadows has different locations, but their Dakota facility specializes in treating sexually compulsive behaviors. They are set in the peaceful atmosphere of the high desert, the Dakota extended-care facility is dedicated to treating all aspects of sexual disorders. Dakota works with clients to sustain sexual sobriety by facilitating the healing of core issues, which enhances recovery and developmental maturity.

One of the things I like the most about their facility is that they consult with well-respected experts in the field of addictions.

3. Keystone Center


The Keystone Center is an extended care unit that helps people heal from sexual compulsivity and trauma. Their Extended Care Unit (ECU) provides a multidisciplinary team made up of seasoned professionals dedicated to the treatment of sexual addiction and trauma that have worked in the ECU since its inception. The multidisciplinary team includes a psychiatrist certified in addiction , physician, psychologists, social workers, family therapists and interns.

If you want more options for possible treatment centers I would suggest that you visit

This is the best organization in the country for getting information on treating sexual addictions.

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  1. Tanya says:

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  2. The above mentioned centers are primarily inpatient or short term intensive outpatient. There are more and more treatment centers like our own that offer all the above services for sex addicts and their partners on an outpatient ‘closer to home’ therapy. Often times, after the very expensive intensive inpatient is over, support systems must be developed where one lives. Check out the website for more centers.
    I do like your stressing the importance of group therapy for sex addicts. We currently have 14 groups for sex addicts, partners, women sex and love addicts and couples.

    Don L. Mathews MFT, Director
    Impulse Treatment Center
    2940 Camino Diablo #110
    Walnut Creek CA 94597

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