Cyber Sex Addiction

Posted on by Dr. Kevin Skinner

One of the fastest growing epidemics of our time is cyber sex addiction. According to Paul Strand of the Christian Broadcasting Network appoximately 40 million people in the United States are sexually involved with Internet pornography (2004 Broadcast).

This has the potential to become a full blown epidemic. Counselors, clergyman, and others who are helping fight cyber sex addiction will not have enough time or energy to help all of the people struggling with this addiction. Even more challenging is that most people who are trying to help are not properly trained in dealing with sexual addictions.

Recently I was talking with a volunteer leader of a local religious group. He was openly concerned about all of the men who are seeking help with pornography addiction. He told me that he was spending up to 16 or more hours a week meeting with men who were struggling with a pornography addiction.

This is just one example of many counselors and religious leaders who are starting to spend more and more time with individuals who are dealing with cyber sex addictions or sexually deviant behaviors.

In an effort to help individuals obtain the best help in overcoming and fighting cyber sex addiction, I have created a list of my favorite websites and resources for individuals looking for the best resources in getting help for a cyber sex addiction.

#1 Dr. Patrick Carnes

If you are familar with sexual addictions you should know Dr. Patrick Carnes. He is the leading researcher in understanding sexual addictions. He has authored many books such as

Those who suspect that they may be sexually addicted, or know someone who is, should read this clear, helpful, well-organized guide. It shows that sexual compulsives come from all walks of life, and its advice-giving testimonies by recovered and recovering persons, combined with the author’s clinical insights, point the way toward healing twisted relationships and reclaiming healthy sexuality. Copyright 1991 Reed Business Information, Inc.

This book is a good resource for professionals, clergyman, and spouses or partners who are trying to understand and help the sexual addict. Subjects outlined include stages and progression of the illness, family structures, boundaries, assessment, and intervention.

This breakthrough work, the first to describe sexual addiction, is still the standard for recognizing and overcoming this destructive behavior. With insight and sensitivity, Dr. Patrick Carnes outlines how to identify a sexual addict, recognize the way others may unwittingly become complicit or codependent, and change the patterns that support the addiction.

I recommend these books to both addicted clients and others who are trying to help a person who is addicted to cyber sex or other forms of sex.

Dr. Carnes is at the forefront of the battle with sexual addictions. He has been treating sexual addictions for many years and has developed some of the most effective tools for treating sexual addictions.

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Carnes and his work I highly recommend that you visit his website at

#2 Robert Weiss LCSW, CAS

Robert Weiss LCSW, CAS is a national speaker in the field of sexual addiction recovery, he is also co-author of Cybersex Exposed: Simple Fantasy or Obsession and Cruise Control: Understanding Sex Addiction and Gay Men. This book will will be released soon.

He is the director of the Sexual Recovery Institute and has one of the finest treatment centers in the United States for treating sexual addiction.

If you are planning on receiving serious professional help for you sexual addiction. You will find some of the worlds best trained sexual addiction therapists in the world at their institute. If you simply want to learn more about treatingcyber sex addiction you will find this website highly benefical.

#3 Dr. Michael Johnson

Dr. Johnson offers weekend workshops for sexually addicted and compulsive men. He also offers counseling on the telephone. He also offers a free newsletter that contains recovery tips, information, and encouragement for recovery.

You can find out more about Dr. Michael Johnson by visting his website .

I hope you find these links and resources to be helpful. If you have additional resources that you have found helpful, please feel free to email Dr. Skinner

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