Assessing Pornography Addiction

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Assessing pornography addiction is a relatively new issue for professionals. With the rapid growth of the internet, pornography is more available now than ever before. In addition, there are more pornographic videos being made now than ever before. For many years professionals have had access to assessment tools for drugs and alcohol, but there have been relatively few tools for identifying the signs of sex addiction and even fewer for assessing pornography addiction.

On a regular basis I have clients ask me, “Do you think I am addicted to pornography?”, I have wondered what is the best way to respond to them. Consider the following definition of addiction—

A recurrent failure to control the behavior and continuation of the behavior despite increasingly harmful consequences.

In my experience using this definition, most of my clients would fit into that definition. They often continue viewing pornography even though they know there are harmful consequences.

Unfortunately, this definition doesn’t match or meet the needs of all of my clients. As I have assessed pornography addiction over the years, there are varying degrees of addiction which makes it critically important to distinguish individuals who are in need of intensive treatment versus individuals who need the right educational tools to help them stop the behavior. In other words, each individual needs treatment based upon their level of involvement with pornography.

Assessing Pornography Addiction

In recognizing the need for assessing different levels of pornography addiction, I have created an assessment test, the Assessing Pornography Addiction test identifies six levels of addiction.

What experience has taught me is that there are common behaviors in all of my clients. However, each individual still has their own reasoning of why they looking at pornography. Some clients are much more involved in pornography than other clients. For example, Client A could spend hours a day looking at pornography, while Client B seems to relapse about every two weeks. While client C may have seen pornography once in the last six months.

During the past 8 years, I have observed many patterns in clients involvement in pornography which has lead me to create an assessment test for clients. This pornography assessment test is based upon the clinical work that I have done with over 100 clients over the years.

The pornography assessment tool was developed from clinical experience and has assisted me in evaluating and understanding the men and women that have been involved in viewing pornography in some form or other. I have identified six unique levels to help individuals do a self-analysis of their personal addiction or dependency on pornography. This scale helps me understand what level of intervention my clients need in treatment. However, while this assessment helps me assess my clients needs, I have noticed that a personal assessment by an individual dealing with pornography addiction is only the beginning. Once a person understands their level of addiction, they have to make a choice. The choice is to take responsibility and learn how to change the behavior or to do nothing and keep doing the same thing, or as is often the case their level of involvement gets worse.

The test I have written will help people assess their own level of involvement in pornography. However, it is one thing to assess the problem and an entirely different thing to overcome the addictive behavior. If a person really wants to change, they will need to follow the recommended treatment ideas and suggestions outlined below.<=”” assessment=”” the=””>

Once the Assessing Pornography Addiction test has been completed, specific suggestions are provided to individuals. These suggestions are based upon the personal addiction level of each individual.

How Parents, Spouses, and Clergyman Can Use the Assessing Pornography Addiction Tool

The “Assessing Pornography Addiction” tool can also be used by individuals who are working with people who are involved in pornography. In looking for the signs of sexual addiction or pornography addiction, they can use this tool by reading through the assessment questions and familiarizing themselves with the responses. If your partner, spouse, or child is involved in viewing pornography, this tool can help you identify their level of involvement. You will also learn what questions to ask them and receive ideas on how you can help them get appropriate treatment.

I invite all people who are involved in pornography and those who want to assess pornography addiction levels and who work with these individuals to take the “Assessing Pornography Addiction” test. This test can be used in the following ways:

  1. Assessing pornography addiction—Learn how to identify your personal level of dependency or addiction
  2. Gain the right knowledge so that you can overcome and treat pornography addiction
  3. How to discuss your involvement in pornography with a counselor, clergyman, or family member.

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