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If you are trapped in the clutches of pornography it is important to find hope and more importantly effective solutions. Here you will find information and products that provide both.

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If pornography is hurting you and your relationship now is a critical time to take action. Learn how to help yourself and effectively respond to your partner during this difficult time.

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Help Your Child

If your child is involved in pornography how you respond is very important. Discover effective strategies to help your child.

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Find the Essential Tools for Recovery

If you, your spouse, a child or another family member is dealing with a pornography problem, the contents of these CDs will help you fight the battle step by step. Regarding these CD’s one religious leader said, “There are many books out lately, but I believe none come close to being able to learn from the CD’s and workbook together. We need these tools in order to help those trapped in pornography fully recover and to salvage and foster marriages. I have not found any other product that compares to the benefit of what Dr. Skinner has created.” Read More »